The advantages of a quarterly course

The most interesting course that we offer is, without a doubt, the quarterly one and we would love to explain why. With this course you will get the most out of your stay since you will learn a lot of Spanish and it will also allow you to live many fascinating experiences. This experience will bring you an improvement on many levels: personal growth, cultural enrichment and, of course, an improvement in your level of Spanish. Let us take care of the rest and make your stay an unforgettable experience.

continuity and constancy

When it comes to learning Spanish, continuity and perseverance play a fundamental role. Surely you have seen yourself in this situation before: you learn something at school, at home or in a course and then you put all that new knowledge somewhere in your head and do not use it at all. Thus, the weeks, months, even years go by, until suddenly you realize that you have forgotten everything that you learned with so much effort in your day. From our experience in teaching this language, we know that the key to success, to have a good start and achieve satisfactory results in the long term, is continuity, and that is exactly what the term course offers. It is a great opportunity to intensively work on all Spanish skills for 12 consecutive weeks while being immersed in a Spanish environment.

three months of learning

A course with these characteristics allows the student to be aware of their own learning progress: from the starting point to the end of the course. Three months of linguistic immersion that serve to approach, consolidate and deepen both previous and new knowledge. In this way, this would be an indicative model of progression:

1st week4st week6st week8st week12st week
BeginnerLevel a1 Level a2Level B1
Level a1 Level a2 Level B1
Level a2 Level B1 Level B2

Being one more Donostiarra

When you come to San Sebastian to study for a week, you get to see the main sights of the city, eat a few pintxos and get a general idea of ​​how good life is here. However, living here for 12 weeks is something else entirely. Among other things, you end up becoming one more citizen (a San Sebastian), you try each and every one of the best bars and restaurants, you know all the nooks and crannies of the city and its surroundings, you immerse yourself in the culture... By living here you don't Not only do you improve your Spanish enormously, but you also learn a few words in Euskera (local language). Likewise, you include in your agenda the Pintxopote every Thursday and you end up having lunch and dinner at the time that those of us who live here do, or even later. That said, you will be one more from San Sebastian.

New friends

This city is the perfect place to make new friends and have lasting relationships. When you do this course, which itself lasts 12 weeks, you will most likely share accommodation during these weeks with other students who are also doing this type of course (although of course you are free to choose the type of accommodation you want). If you choose this option, we will make you a special offer for the course and for accommodation, which you can consult in the "Quarterly Accommodation" section by clicking here:

What better way to establish a friendship than to share this experience enjoying classes, activities and accommodation together? These kinds of friendships are the ones that last forever.


If you finally decide to sign up for this course, you will be able to benefit from our best offer: €125 per week, which would be cheaper than if you came only for a week or if you signed up for a course of more than 20 weeks. In fact, it is one of the best offers in all of Spain for an intensive language course.

As it is a great offer, the term course only has 4 start dates in the whole year. You can consult all the information of the course entering here:

Click this video to learn more about the experience of one of our students who has taken this course in the summer and winter months.