Donostia-San Sebastián regattas

Competition of drifters "against wind and tide" for the Award "La Bandera de La Concha" in the bay of San Sebastian. 

If you come to Donostia-San Sebastián during the first two weeks of September, you will be able to get to know and enjoy the atmosphere that exists in the city for "Las Regatas de La Concha", a competition with a long tradition and very popular among "Los Donostiarras" among traineras. It has been celebrated in the city since 1879.


The drifter regattas are a fixed bench rowing sport with a great seafaring tradition throughout the Cantabrian Sea and especially in the Basque Country. The crew of a trawler is made up of 13 rowers and 1 skipper.


In the past, the traineras were work boats for fishermen, in this case for inshore fishing, which before the arrival of steamboats was done under rowing. The crew that returned to port first knew that they could sell the catch at a better price and that is where the desire for competition arose.


The materials with which the drifters are made have evolved considerably. Years ago the boats were made of cedar and beech wood. Currently, carbon fiber and Kevlar have taken over and have even given way to advanced aeronautical techniques, similar to those applied in the construction of the Airbus 380 aircraft fuselage.


The first two Sundays of September La Bandera de la Concha is celebrated, considered as the regatta olympics123 years of history have made these regattas in Donostia/San Sebastián the sporting event of the year in Euskal Herria. No other is capable of attracting the enormous crowd that gathers on Mount Urgull or Mount Igueldo, on the Paseo Nuevo, on the Pier, on Santa Clara Island, on the beaches or on boats of all kinds to watch this competition. and fight between rowers and with an essential protagonist: the sea.