Learn Spanish in the most beautiful and desired city in Spain.

In an internationally recognized academy with 60 years of experience.

Lacunza is your passport to live a unique experience. Because we are not only the most important academy in the city, but we also adapt to your needs, we have classes for different levels, with expert teachers, a wide variety of social and cultural activities, and we help you with everything you need so that you don't have to to worry about nothing.

San Sebastian,
the best city

Elegant, safe, with beaches, mountains, a world-renowned gastronomy, a lot of social, cultural and sports life, have made San Sebastián - Donostia the reference tourist destination in the country.

Learn Spanish in one
school with more than
60 years of experience.

We are a reference academy internationally endorsed by the most recognized associations that teaches by vocation, since we have been doing it for 3 generations with excellent results.

We offer you a very
enjoyable and social
learning method

We learn more when we have fun. That is why at Lacunza we adapt the classes to our students, to their level and needs, and we make learning entertaining and part of the social act. So that you learn while enjoying.

Courses For all levels and all ages.

It doesn't matter if you don't know any Spanish or if you have a good foundation. We are the largest and most complete school in San Sebastián, which allows us to offer you a greater diversity of courses so that you can learn with people with the same level as you.

( 1 – 3 weeks )

(more than 4 weeks)

I live in
San Sebastián

(6-17 years)

(17-50 years)

(50 +)


for Teachers



Online course

Have you found your course?

We offer you a multitude of social and cultural activities so that your experience is unique (and your learning continues outside the school).

In San Sebastián it is easy to enjoy life and we help you to do so by offering you a wide variety of activities such as surfing, cooking, dancing or yoga, with leading companies that give us discounts and will help you interact with both local and international people. with other students.

Classes, accommodation, transfers... We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about a thing. Let yourself go, we do everything for you!

We get you accommodation in an apartment, residence or family, always close to the school, we manage the transfers and we help you with everything you need, from before you come until you return home.

Everything you are looking for to learn Spanish
and live a unique experience, we give it to you in lacunza.

Lacunza is not only the most important and recognized academy in a spectacular city, it is your passport to live a unique experience.

We are by your side from the day you contact us until you return home, you learn in small groups of your same level, we offer you all kinds of recreational activities and we help you make your trip a life experience and Learning that you will remember forever.

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