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5 books you have to read in Spanish

As travelling becomes more difficult in this period, books can be a good way out and make you forget about borders and boundaries wandering through different countries and new worlds.


If you study Spanish , we always recommend to watch movies and series in original language but also to read books as it is the perfect way to learn new vocabulary but also to learn about Spanish and hispanic cultures.


If you are a beginner you can start with books for teenagers and if you are more advanced or used to read books in Spanish you can directly start with a novel. Reading the press is also a very helpful start.

You may think it is quite difficult at the beginning as reading in another language requires much more effort and focus, but you will quickly get used to it and find again the pleasure you can have reading in your native language.

If you are a bit scared to take the plunge, you can start reading a book that you have already read in your language, it will help you to understand better and give your self confidence.


Let's start, make yourself comfortable with a nice seat, blanket and a hot drink and enjoy our selection of books you need to read... in Spanish of course.



Don Quijote de la Mancha – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. 


First of all; how could we talk about Spanish literature not mentioning this major work of art – and one of the most read and studied books.

The novel is split into two parts: “ La del ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha” and “La Segunda parte del ingenioso caballero don Quijote de la Mancha”.
It was written by Cervantes when he was in jail.. good way to make the most of his time.

The novel is quite long and complex that is why we rather recommend it to advanced students. If you are really into literature you will love it and quickly understand why, 500 years later, the book is still relevant and students from all around the world still read it.

The story is about Alonso Quijano, a nobleman but without money, who is obsessed with knighthood novels that help him to escape from his sad and dull reality. The magic in the books is that strong that it convinces himself that he is actually a real knight with a mission: Aid the Widow and Orphan.


Don Quijote is considered as one of the first modern novel and even if it has been considered as humorist when it was published, it is now, without any doubt an acerbic satire.


Déjame que te cuente - Jorge Burcay. 


One of the best Argentinean novel and one of our favourite books. It is very easy to read as there lots of dialogs so we can recommend to elementary level students.


The story is about Demián, a very stressed man and preoccupied by existential questions about life in general and who wants to understand better the world around him and more than anything himself. For all these reasons he decides to be seen by Jorge, a talented therapist who has- like lots of professionals – a subtle way to make yourself answer your own questions.

Jorge will tell him every session a different story, some of them will be anecdotes from other patients other self made fairytales.
Demián will feel disconcerted at first without understanding the point of all these stories, but step by step he will play the game and give himself some slack.


We really like this book, because the author, just like the therapist, makes you think in a very subtle way about your own life and decisions you use to take and help you to be a better person.


La casa de los espíritus - Isabel Allende.


You may have already heard of the novel thanks to the movie with Meryl Streep and Antonio Banderas. La casa de los espirítus is chilean writer Isabel Allende's first novel.

It tells the story of Trueba del Valle family and is quite focused on the women of the family, the most powerful and charismatic characters of the family. Isabel Allende dissects with talent the relation between the members of a family (parents/ kids, sisters..) during 4 generations and through lots of joyful and tragic events.


We loved to be able to follow the evolution of the characters all along their lives – just like only the family series know how to do .

The novel has litteraly some magic on it (Clara – one of the characters have supernatural powers), but the book is still very realistic and describes very well the 20th century political life in Chile.

It is a very deep and intense novel, sometimes quite violent but always moving and genuine. Isabel Allende has this magical writing that makes the whole book dangerously addictive.


Mientras seamos jóvenes - José Luis Correa.


For us; it is one of the best Spanish hard boiled novels with all its ingredients: suspense, elaborated plot and suspicious characters.

The story starts with the discovery of a young student's dead body in Las Palmas. Ricardo Blanco will have the delicate mission to defend the murder suspect, but as long as the investigation goes, Ricardo is not very sure if his client is really innocent and deserves to be defended.

Like always in crime novels, you never have to judge a book by its cover as things are never as they seem.

What we love the most about this book is that you feel like an actor of the investigation and not only a spectator. You can have your own theory and find your own answers.

The author has this incredible skill to manipulate your mind, you'll catch yourself changing your mind so many times just like the detective does.

You will finally figure out the truth can be very subjective depending on who's telling it.


El niño con el pijama de rayas -John Boyne.


This last book is actually not a Spanish novel as it has been written by Irish John Boyne, but it had an outstanding success in Spain which makes it very easy to find in Spanish.

We loved this book so much it could not miss our selection.

The story is told by a 8 years old boy named Bruno. He lives in Berlin with his sister, mother and father who's working in the army. One day his dad's boss, a man named Adolf Hitler gives an important mission to him, he'll become the new Auschwitz camp director. Bruno and all his family have to move there from one day to another.

Bruno tells us his daily life with his innocent eyes; without really understanding the horrible reality – but he senses that something atrocious is going on.

He will get to know very special people from the two sides of the fence.


What we loved the most about the novel is to get Bruno's perception, as a reader you will understand things Bruno cannot even imagine. Through the novel, Bruno will always follow his good heart and innocent mind and even in this terrible atmosphere he will manage to experience genuine friendship.


We hope you enjoyed our book selection. In Lacunza IH we do have a library with books by level, feel free to take one during your stay with us. We also have lots of recommendations about bookshops in town.