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5 easy ways to learn Spanish for free

Do you want to improve your Spanish for  work / school or for travel purposes ? Or just because you are in love with the language ?

Learning a foreign language is indeed an outstanding experience but it requires dedication and hard work and it is not always easy to dedicate a couple of hours every week.

 Traveling to Spain or to any other Spanish speaking country and study in a language school is definitely one of the best ways to boost your Spanish in mini group courses or private classes.

For those who cannot travel, virtual classes with  a native teacher are also a good option and very flexible if you are working or studying at the same time.


If you are planning to come to Spain this year and want to prepare yourself or if you want to include some Spanish in your daily life, here are some zero cost tips to help you to improve your Spanish.


Lacunza IH free virtual workshops.


Every Friday at 17.00  (Madrid time), we invite you to join our virtual activity.
Every week a different workshop will be held with a native teacher. All our activities are free and open to everybody even if you have never studied with us. 


These virtual workshops allow you to learn more about Spanish culture and improve your vocabulary. You will for example watch a short movie in Spanish and confront opinion with your teacher and other students, learn expressions related to food or know it all about Spanish painters.


You can check out our social media ( Instagram and  Facebook) – we promote every week next Saturday activity.




Meet native people


Language exchange sessions are very popular all around the world,  and it is very likely that you can join a group in your city. You will be able to meet native people who  moved to your city for work or to study, or just passing by for a couple of days and eager to meet local people.


There are some very popular webpages ( couchsurfing or meetup are some of them).  You will have the opportunity to meet people also interested in learning languages and sharing good moments.

If you want to fully enjoy a language exchange we recommend you to have a certain level of Spanish to be able to communicate with other people and adapt to different conversation topics.


If you want a language exchange tandem to work, both participants need to have almost same level so that both of them can talk and learn.



Language Learning Apps


If you are a bit shy or if you cannot find any language exchange groups around you, you will be able to practice Spanish with a free app.

Duolinguo  is one of  the most popular right now.


These apps are a good way to have a daily contact with Spanish language thanks to their mini sessions. It is a very simple and fun way to learn  new words but you will have to use it every day to make the best of  it. Regularity is a must when you learn a language.


However these apps also have limits, you will not have access to personalized content and the app will not know your exact level and needs.




Books and movies in original language.

There are so many ways  to travel around the world, books and movies are one of them. Forget about distance and borders and begin your virtual journey to Spain, Argentina or Colombia.


In most of the libraries you will find a corner  dedicated to books in foreign languages. Same thing  in second hand bookstores where you can find lots of books at unbeatable prices.

We recommend to adapt the type of book you will read depending on your level of Spanish. If you are a beginner, books for children or teenagers can be a good option. If you are more advanced, why don't you try a novel?


You can find our selection of books you can read in Spanish and some tips to enjoy them.


If you are not into reading, you can watch movies and series in original language. If you are a beginner, you can start with subtitles in your own language and switch to Spanish when you feel more comfortable, next step being to remove them totally.


If you are scared not to understand, you can watch a movie that you have already seen in your language.


We recommend you to watch movies from different times and countries so that you can get used to different accents.


Here is our selection of our favorite Spanish series available on Netflix.



Get surrounded by Spanish language.



Our last tips will be the funniest ones and will help you to get your daily dose of Spanish.


First of all, you can change the language of your phone / computer. It may feel a bit disturbing at the beginning  and it may take you a bit longer to forward an email at first but you will quickly absorb  the new vocabulary.


If you are living with people who also want to learn Spanish or at least support you, here is a very fun game you can play together:  “ The Game of Words”.

Every day you will have to pick an object in your house and stick a paper on it with its Spanish translation and from that day you will only be allowed to use the Spanish word to refer to this object.

You father will be now sleeping in his “cama”, and the food will be in the “nevera”.

It will only take a couple of weeks to get very funny conversations;



As you may have understood there are many easy ways to improve your Spanish, we could not mention all of them here but for example listening to the radio or podcasts in Spanish is also an excellent way.

The most important is to find a fun way as we always learn better when we are entertained and to do it on a regular basis, better to do it 30 minutes every day rather than 5 hours one week and nothing in the next 3 weeks.


If you are not quite sure about  your level of Spanish you can do our quick and free online level test  -you'll get the results by email immediately.