5 ways to improve your Spanish for free

Do you want to improve your Spanish for your work, your studies or to travel? Or simply because you love the language?

Learning a language is an incredible experience that requires time and dedication. We know that one of the best ways to learn Spanish is a total immersion in a language school in Spain or in another Spanish-speaking country, either in intensive or individual courses or spending a couple of hours a week in extensive courses.

If you work or study at the same time and cannot travel, the online classes with a native teacher are also a very good and flexible opportunity.

If you plan to come to study in Spain and want to prepare yourself beforehand or, if you want to include a bit of Spanish in your daily life, we are going to give you some tips to improve your Spanish completely free of charge.

Lacunza IH free activities

Every Friday at 17:00 p.m. (Madrid time) we offer a virtual activity on Zoom. All our activities are free and open to everyone, even if you have never studied with us.
Our virtual activities are one hour mini workshops with a native teacher and have a different theme every week.

These workshops allow you to learn more about Spanish culture and learn new vocabulary in a fun way. Depending on the theme of the week, you will be able to discover expressions related to food, the weather or discover a traditional Spanish festival and even watch a short film and have a mini debate with the teacher and other students.

You can consult our networks ( Instagram y Facebook), we publish every week the program of the following activity.

Practice with native people

In many cities, exchange sessions are organized so that you can meet Spanish-speakers who are in your country for their studies or work. It is always a good opportunity to meet new people.

There are websites like  couchsurfing o meetup that allow you to get in touch with people from your area and with the same interests in language learning.

In order to fully enjoy language exchanges, we recommend that you have a minimum level of Spanish and put shyness aside.

It is also important to have the same level as the people you are going to talk to, so you can speak both languages ​​and improve both.


If you are a bit shy, don't have much time or there are no exchange groups in your city, you can also practice your Spanish with free applications.

Duolingual it is one of the most popular.

These applications will allow you to have daily contact with Spanish through mini sessions. It is a very comfortable and fun way to acquire new vocabulary. We recommend connecting to the application every day to fully enjoy the experience. Regularity is always a key condition for language learning.

However, these apps have limits, they can't offer you highly personalized content and they don't know your exact level.

Books and movies in original version.

There are many ways to travel the world, books and movies allow you to forget borders and explore Spain, Colombia or Argentina with images and words, all without leaving home.

In most libraries you will be able to find a section with books in Spanish. We recommend you adapt the type of book you are going to read to your level of Spanish. If you are a beginner, books for children or teenagers are a good option. If you have a more advanced level, you can read novels directly.

we have prepared one for you selection of books that we love and that you could also enjoy.

If you don't like to read, you can also watch movies and series in Spanish.

If you are a beginner you can start with subtitles in your language and when you feel more comfortable you will be able to switch to subtitles in Spanish and finally remove them completely.

You can start with a movie that you really like and that you have already seen several times.

We recommend choosing movies from different eras and countries so you can hear various accents and ways of speaking.

We have also prepared one for you. selection of our favorite series What you have to see and what you can find on Netflix.

Surround yourself with Spanish.

At last we want to share a very fun and easy way to include a daily dose of Spanish in your life.

First we suggest you change the language of your mobile and your computer to Spanish. It may be that you feel a bit lost at first and that it takes you a bit to find a menu, but you will integrate new words very quickly.

We also invite you to try the “Word Game” which can be a lot of fun if you live with people who want to learn Spanish too. The game is very simple, you only have to paste a piece of paper on an object in your house with its translation in Spanish every day and from this day on, you will only be able to use the word in Spanish to refer to this object.

You will see how in a few weeks your conversations will be very different. 

As you can see, there are many ways to learn Spanish for free, we have not been able to include them all, but we do not forget that listening to the radio and podcasts in Spanish is also one of them.

The most important thing is to learn while having fun, because you always learn better when you are entertained and also do it regularly: better to learn 20 minutes every day than 10 hours a week and not study again in 2 months.

If you do not know your level of Spanish you can do our free online test, very fast and without any obligation.