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Advantages of a virtual classroom

During the COVID crisis, lots of us have signed up – sometimes for the first time – in an online course – some of us by choice, others by necessity. Internet offers a wide range of virtual trainings – from language courses, to business talks but also creative workshops and cooking courses.
There are also so many different formats: podcasts, videos, webinars that you can use from your phone, laptop or tablet, you just have to choose.


Impulse for changes


If we have to find out positive effects that this situation has brought, impulse for changes will definitely be one of them. More than anything change in our habits, we’ve been a lot to reconsider our priorities and our way of living. Do I really have to go to the gym 3 times a week or could I also work our from home?

Some of us have also enjoyed this unexpected free time to acquire new skills such as getting back to learn a language that we had studied long ago, or also start a new one from scratch.
Excuses such as “ I don´t have time” or “ I don´t have money to travel abroad” cannot be used anymore.


Different ways to learn a language


To learn a language, obviously there is nothing better to go abroad and experience a total immersion in the country. If you study in a language school, you’d have language classes in the morning, social and cultural activities in the afternoon to know more about the local culture and if you stay in a host family you’d also be able to keep practicing Spanish and see how local people live.


You may always have wanted to travel abroad but always felt insecure to take the plunge? Taking virtual classes is a good option and could be that intermediary step that you may need.
On the opposite, once you have travelled abroad and go back to your home country  having virtual classes are also a good way to keep practicing Spanish with your teacher and maintaining a link with your language school.


We unfortunately all know how fast we are losing our level of a language if we don´t practice on a regular basis. Regularity being the main word here and virtual classes make it possible thanks to its advantages that we will see now.





One of the main and more obvious advantage is flexibility.
You’ll be able to study from home, work but also in your hotel on holidays. A good internet connection is usually enough to start learning online.

Efficient time management is also crucial, we are all the same here, between work or study, sport, purchases, family and friends... we are running out of time for the rest. But let’s be honest here, we can all dedicate at least 1 hour a week to acquire new skills and do it every week so that it’s part of our weekly routine.


Personalized attention

Private virtual classes allow you to have a 100% personalized lesson plan. Your teacher will be able to identify your weaknesses and work on them to help you to improve your skills.
Before starting your classes you’ll be asked to fill a questionnaire to get to know you better, your expectations, language skills and specific topics you’d like to cover so that we can offer the perfect Spanish class for you.




Virtual classes are usually cheaper than on site ones. The price of the class itself is usually cheaper and you will also save money on transportation for example, and you’re helping the planet at the same time.




We all know that we are learning better and faster when we are entertained, our teachers know it well and make them classes – both on site and virtual – dynamic and stimulating with games, real life situations, team projects…

Virtual classes make it easier to use interactive material such as audios, videos, songs that you can share and work on them.

There are lots of platforms that you can use to have virtual classes, in Lacunza IH we’ve decided to use Zoom – because it’s free for our students, very easy to install and very intuitive to use as well. It has also  a wide range of useful  tools such as documents sharing or  digital board where you can write and draw on it.


Last but not the least, virtual classes help you to acquire new digital skills.  All studies agree on that digital skills will be the most sought after in the next couple of years. Language learning – like many other sectors will be more and more digital, so don´t lose this opportunity and try a virtual class with us.


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