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Best series to learn Spanish

You want to learn Spanish from your couch? Well, make yourself comfortable because here is our top selection of best Netflix series to learn Spanish. No need to say that you need to watch them in the original language.



Definitely my favorite Spanish serie. Be careful it's very addictive. The serie starts with 3 students from underprivileged  background who joined a very exclusive high school in Madrid thanks to a scholarship. As you may guess the other students - very wealthy and spoiled kids - are not very keen to see them around. They seem to have everything to be happy but you'll quikcly see that there are lots of things that money can't buy...

This serie has it all: love, friendship, drugs, parties and some blood... the perfect mix for a Netflix serie.

You will learn lot of Spanish slang, how young Spanish  people really  talk and very typical expressions  from Madrid. I'm pretty sure you'll never learn some of them in your Spanish class.


Paquitas Salas


It's not that famous worldwide, but it's a cracking serie and very popular in Spain. Paquitas Salas is a washed up agent for actors who goes off the rails... When she  finds out that her last client has left her, she has no other choice than to reinvent herself.

This serie is very absurd and quite silly but the characters are genuine, endearing and colorful.
The humour is very typical of Spanish comedies such as " Aquí no hay quien vive" one of the most succesful serie in Spain in the 2000's or " The Office". If you like this kind of humour go for it.




Narcos is one of the most famous serie ever on Netflix and you must have heard of it before. If not, well now you do.
It tells the story of Pablo Escobar - billionaire drug dealer lord  and leader of Meddelín cartel - one of the most violent and dangerous cartel of the world. His life has outbid the craziest fictions.
The serie is just not a biography, it's much more, it also focuses on cartel organization, the role of the USA in South American political scene.

The serie itself is a work of art but it's also very interesting because you will hear lots of South American accents and dialects in Spanish. You'll quickly become aware that lots of words are different from Spain to South America - I'm giving you  one,  "car" in Spain is "coche" but is "carro" in Colombia - you're welcome.




La Casa de Papel


The last but not the least, La Casa de Papel ( Money Heist) is a must to see. It's one of those series that it's impossible not to binge watch.  La Casa de Papel is one the most watched foreign language series on Netflix and you'll quikcly realize why.
It's about a group of criminals who  hijacks the Royal Bank of Spain in Madrid, but they are not ordinary robbers... some sort of modern Robin Hood.

I love the storyline with lot of drama, love, action, suspence and tons of money of course.