Best series to learn Spanish

Do you want to improve your Spanish from your sofa? Well, make yourself comfortable, we have prepared our selection of the best series to improve your Spanish. It goes without saying that you have to see them in the original version. 



It's my favorite series. Be careful, it is very addictive. The story begins with three scholarship students who are going to study in one of the best institutes in Spain, in Madrid. As you can imagine, the other students, very rich and posh, do not see it with good eyes... and from there many adventures begin.

Elite is a mixture of stories of love, friendship, drugs, lots of parties and... even murder... but I won't tell you more. 

You will be able to learn a lot of colloquial Spanish and many typical expressions of Madrid.


Paquitas Salas

It is not as successful internationally as other series on our list, but in Spain it is a huge success. It tells the story of Paquitas Salas, a representative of actors in the 90s. She realizes that she has fewer and fewer clients and when her last one leaves, she has no other option than to turn her career around and the life of she.

This series has a very absurd and very exaggerated humor that you are going to love. It has a very typical style of Spanish comedies. It reminds me a lot of one of Spain's iconic series (no one lives here) and a super famous American "The Office". If you like this kind of humor... don't miss it.




I think we've all heard of this series at least once. It is the story of Pablo Escobar, from his youth in Colombia to his position as king of the Medellín cartel – one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world. An incredible life and destiny.
The series goes much further, it also teaches the secrets of the cartels and the role of the United States in the politics of the South American countries.
Narcos has it all, action, history and a lot of suspense.

You will also be able to familiarize yourself with the Latin accents and very typical expressions of Colombia. I'll give you one, there car is called car. You are welcome!


The House of Paper


Do you like robberies and investigations? Well, it's your series. At first it was a Spanish mini series, but it has been so successful that Netflix has bought it and they have made a world series.
From the first chapter you will understand its success and you will not stop being under tension.

It goes much further than robberies, it also makes you think about what is fair or unfair, good or bad, and social issues as well. Some Robin of the Woods of modern times let's say.
You will recognize some actors from other series.