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Event & Festivals Calendar

Find out about the events and festivals in San Sebastian that you could be a part of during your stay with us.

Musical Fortnight

The Donostia-San Sebastián Musical Fortnight is the longest running classical music festival in Spain and one of the most time-honored in Europe.

Dates 02/08/2019 - 01/09/2019

Travesía del Paseo Nuevo

This open water swimming race is a real test of endurance for its participants. Held on August 15th, it covers almost 3kms in open sea water as 500 swimmers race from Zurriola Beach (the surf beach) to La Concha.

Date 15/08/2019

Euskal Jaiak

“Euskal Jaiak”, a weeklong festival dedicated to celebrating and honoring Basque culture. It consists of a range of activities that showcase the Basque traditions.

Dates 30/08/2019 - 09/09/2019

Fiesta del 31 de agosto

In 1813, during the Spanish War of Independence, San Sebastian caught on fire and by the time it was put out there was only one street was left standing.

Date 31/08/2019


The regattas are held during “Euskal Jaiak” on the first two Sundays of September in La Concha Bay. Each race consists of 7 boats of 13 local crewmen from around Spain and the Basque Country.

Dates 31/08/2019 - 09/09/2019