ES  Lacunza IH San Sebastián

How does San Sebastián sound like?

Let’s keep showing you the diversity of experiences that you can enjoy during your linguistic and cultural immersion stay at Lacunza IH San Sebastián. This month, you just need to keep your ears open and let yourself go to the rhythm of the city.



Within the third week of July, San Sebastian is transformed: People walk through its streets to the rhythm of trumpets, clarinets, double basses, saxophones, pianos… and it even looks as if the  Zurriola beach waves were breaking following this melody. Do you know which event are we talking about? It’s the traditional San Sebastian’s Jazz Festival, more commonly known in Euskera as the Jazzaldia. An iconic event for Jazz lovers.


Just close your eyes and picture yourself attending a live concert, with the best current Jazz musicians  on a stage facing the sea while you enjoy pleasant San Sebastian summer temperatures. It’s an opportunity to experience our city life, meet new people, share tastes and experiences and, naturally, improve your Spanish.


To encourage you to come to the festival, we tell you some interesting facts:

  • The festival was launched for the first time back in 1966. It’s the most ancient in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe.
  • Big jazz and contemporary blues stars have been through these stages such as Chick Corea, Charles Mingus, Doc Cheatham or B.B.King.
  • The first place where it was installed was La Plaza de la Trinidad, in the heart of the city’s old district. But due to the significant public increase, it was moved to larger spaces like el Polideportivo and the Velódromo.
  • Nowadays, it is located at its original place and 12 different scenes are used all across the city


Do you want to know how to assist? The first step is to choose between the wide range of free concerts and paid concerts; outdoor concerts, and in enclosed spaces such as el Teatro Victoria Eugenia or el auditorio del Kursaal. From Lacunza IH we highly recommend our favorite place: the Plaza de la Trinidad stage, for its history and the intimate ambience that is created during the concerts.


But, in addition to it, there are other unique spaces where there are always free concerts: the Zurriola beach, the Kursaal terraces and the Club Náutico terrace. From there you can enjoy the city from different points of view.


The 56 Jazzaldia Edition it's celebrated this year from the 21st to the 25th of July, with all the Covid-19 security measures. Here is a link  to its official webpage where you can  see this year's events so that you can start  scheduling your agenda: How will San Sebastian sound to you this year?