We help you with Spanish,
We help you enjoy life.

At Lacunza we take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything.

Lacunza is not only your school and your passport to learn Spanish. We are your family in Spain and, therefore, our mission is to help you in everything that is necessary.

That is why we want to show you some of the things we do for you, but remember, we are here to help you and solve any need you may have from before you come to after you leave.

We find the accommodation that best suits you.

The most important thing about accommodation abroad is that it makes you feel at home. That is why in Lacunza we have a wide range of possibilities for you to live in a place where, for a few weeks, you consider it your home.

You can choose to live with a family from the city, in a shared apartment with local people or other students, in a university residence or in a hotel. They all have their advantages and the most important thing is the experience that you want to live. And whatever it is, we help you achieve it.

Transfers to San Sebastián, your sweetest trip.

In San Sebastián you are going to live a unique experience and we want the trip to be part of that experience, so it must be as comfortable and fast as possible.

For this we have a transfer service that picks you up at the door of any of the 3 reference airports of the city (San Sebastián, Bilbao and Biarritz) and the train stations of Donosti, Irún or Hendaye, which is connected by the TGV (French high speed) with the main European capitals, and leaves you at your accommodation.

And when leaving exactly the same, we give you a door-to-door service so that you do not waste time and there is no possibility of confusion.

Keep learning Spanish while you immerse yourself in the city.

In Lacunza, learning is not limited to the classroom but is supported by experiences, experiences, relationships with other students, with the people of the city... That is why we offer you a wide variety of leisure, sports, and gastronomic activities. , cultural and social so that what you learn in class can be put into practice immediately while surfing, cooking, dancing or having a snack around the city.

You choose how to have fun and we also turn it into a Spanish learning experience.

LacunzaOnline; learn spanish before, during and after

The Lacunza experience is a unique experience, for all that it implies. But learning with us is not limited only to your stay in San Sebastián, because we have developed an online learning system that allows you to continue learning from before you come and long after you leave.

In addition, you can learn in different ways, with a teacher just for you, you can do it with your partner, with your friends or with people who have the same level as you. These are the advantages and experience of Lacunza transferred to the digital world.

We help you with the Official Degree Exams.

At Lacunza we not only help you reach the level necessary to pass the official Spanish degree tests, we also help you with all the management involved in enrolling in them. Since we are the Official Examination Center of the Cervantes Institute and you can present the different levels of the DELE and the CCSE (Spanish nationality test).

We help you integrate socially and culturally in the city.

The good thing about traveling is not only what you learn, it is what you leave when you leave. Meeting people, living experiences with them, integrating into a culture, into a society... And it is, normally, the most complicated thing when you go abroad, because you need that link that introduces you. And that link is us, Lacunza.

We care that you meet people, that you establish relationships, that you explore the city, its culture, mix with its people and establish personal relationships that, as happens with many students, last a lifetime.

We help you get Scholarships and Grants.

Some governments and institutions give aid to students to learn Spanish and at Lacunza we also help you get it. Below we show you some of them, but if in your country they offer one and you want us to help you in the process, we will be happy to help you in everything that is necessary.