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Student of the month at Lacunza

This month we interview Johanne from Norway who is studying Spanish with us. Find out about her experience in San Sebastian!


Sign up for the DELE and get your certificate from the Cervantes Institute to confirm your level of Spanish.

It's Christmas in San Sebastian

Christmas is getting closer and you can tell just looking around you in the streets of San Sebastián. Come with us and we will tell you how to live an authentic San Sebastián Christmas.

San Sebastián gets spooky!

Did you know that witches are a huge part of Basque mythology and folklore... They even make a small village in Navarra very famous... Read more in our latest BLOG article... if you dare of course...

Two unmissable of September: rowing boats and movies

We kick off September, and it’s already time to go back to school or work. Holidays are over for most of us and we have to get back to business. The great news is that San Sebastián keeps offering you a wide range of cultural and sport activities. Even if holidays are over now, we must not forget to take care of ourselves and have some time to relax- and San Sebastián is the perfect place for that.