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The teacher training course: to learn and teach

With the years, the borders have opened and the possibilities of teaching Spanish as a foreign language have multiplied: either because of vocation or a way to exchange and spread Spanish as a foreign language (here or in other countries), all the people who are interested have a wide array of courses at their disposal.

The benefits of a trimester course

By far the most interesting course we offer is the trimester course and we´d like to explain why. You will benefit greatly, and not only by learning Spanish, but by a number of wonderful experiences. The pillars of improvement are: personal growth, cultural enrichment, and of course improving your level of Spanish. Allow us to elaborate a bit more on several aspects of the journey.

The director of studies goes to Madrid

On May 10th and 11th, our director of studies will travel to Madrid, to attend a meeting organized by FEDELE with other heads of study of IH, to take part in training meetings. As we have indicated before, the meeting will be in Madrid, all the directors of IH will attend and they will have informative talks, workshops etc. After a short break to disconnect, they will return and proceed with a day of intense training.

DELE and CCSE exam

How to obtain the Spanish nationality? We get a lot of questions regarding the steps to take to obtain the Spanish nationality. For native Spanish speakers the first step is easy, simply take the CCSE-exam. Non-native speakers have another hurdle to cross, they also have to take a DELE exam on an A2 level. We will proceed to explain in more detail what these exams are and how you can get started to apply for the Spanish nationality.