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Regatas of Donostia – San Sebastián

Fishing boats competing “against the wind and the tide” for the flag of ´La Concha´. If you visit San Sebastián during the next two weeks, you will get to know and enjoy the ´Regatas of La Concha´, a competition between fishing boats (with oars) that´s been held in the city since 1879.

Discover and learn in San Sebastián

From the ´Mercado de la Bretxa´, walking through the city’s old part, to the Port, we find different tracks and places of the city's past. Testimonies to discover and learn more about the inhabitants, the society and the Basque culture of Donostia- San Sebastián.

The teacher training course: to learn and teach

With the years, the borders have opened and the possibilities of teaching Spanish as a foreign language have multiplied: either because of vocation or a way to exchange and spread Spanish as a foreign language (here or in other countries), all the people who are interested have a wide array of courses at their disposal.

City "of cinema"

68th International Film Festival of San Sebastián With the change of the seasons, the ´Zinemaldia 2018´ is upon us. Every year in September the city transforms into a big stage for 9 days on which actors, directors, producers, critics, journalists, cinephiles, autograph chasers and many other people come and enjoy "the seventh art". The perfect combination for anyone who wants to learn Spanish and enjoy an international event. Walk around the city, visit different places, enjoy typical cuisine or join on of the festival´s sessions are fantastic experiences through which we sharpen our senses and abilities for learning: audition, reading and speaking interaction.

The benefits of a trimester course

By far the most interesting course we offer is the trimester course and we´d like to explain why. You will benefit greatly, and not only by learning Spanish, but by a number of wonderful experiences. The pillars of improvement are: personal growth, cultural enrichment, and of course improving your level of Spanish. Allow us to elaborate a bit more on several aspects of the journey.

Life after summer

It´s no secret that June, July and August are busy months for Lacunza and for the city of San Sebastián. The sea of brown haired people get mixed with more blonde than usual and the city becomes very lively. The vacation period turns the city into a wonderful mix of cultures and a true paradise for tourists. A common misconception seems to be that there is no life after summer. We beg to differ!

Maritime festival of Pasajes

For the first time in the history of Pasaia, the Maritime Festival of Pasaia will be celebrated. The celebrations will take part in May, from the 17th until the 21st, and for 5 consecutive days, the waters of this Guipuzcoan municipality will be the meeting point of traditional boats from different parts of the continent.

Why learn Spanish

Spanish is present on three continents. It´s the official language in more than 20 countries of Europe, America and Africa but is also spoken in a less official way in many other countries. More than 400 million people speak Spanish as their native language. In fact, Spanish is in the top of most spoken languages on the planet together with Chinese and English. On the internet it´s also one of the most used languages, the third to be precise. These are already good reasons why you can choose to study Spanish but if you still have doubts we´ll give you a few more. The following explains why you should learn Spanish.

The best way to learn Spanish

There are many reasons for someone to decide to study Spanish. One of them is that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. More than 400 million people in about 20 countries use Spanish as their mother tongue. It´s not an easy language to learn but it´s far from impossible. We´ll give you some advice so that you can find the best way to learn Spanish.

The director of studies goes to Madrid

On May 10th and 11th, our director of studies will travel to Madrid, to attend a meeting organized by FEDELE with other heads of study of IH, to take part in training meetings. As we have indicated before, the meeting will be in Madrid, all the directors of IH will attend and they will have informative talks, workshops etc. After a short break to disconnect, they will return and proceed with a day of intense training.