The national TV channel TELE 5 interviews Ignacio, Director of Studies

Last week we received a visit from the national TV network TELE 5 at Lacunza IH.

The reason for this visit was to take an interest in the evolution that a student has from when he begins as a total beginner, until he manages to defend himself in the language of a country.

As we know, the language is essential for a person to integrate into the culture and traditions of the country and to be able to relate to its people.

Although the evolution depends in part on each person, the average is about four or five weeks of intensive course (about seventy or eighty hours). Logically, if you have total immersion, that is, you live with a native family and interact with locals, you will reach that level more quickly.

For more advanced levels, the time required is longer. You can see here the estimated time for each of the levels.

This is how Ignacio expressed it in the interview with the media, who were interested in knowing the progress in the language for someone who has never studied Spanish. Right now, this is the case with many Ukrainian refugees who are coming to our country. 

For more than 30 years we have been welcoming complete beginner students of all ages and of all nationalities who receive a course only in Spanish, even if they do not have any knowledge: that is the magic of Lacunza IH and our teachers. And they all go to the next level!