12 colloquial expressions with colors


1. Going blank = Not knowing what to say

In the exam I went blank and I did not know what to put

2. Go to the nines = Go dressed in a very elegant or arranged way

My coworker always comes to the office dressed to the nines

3. Sleeping all night = Not sleeping at all all night

Tonight I had a stomach ache and I spent the whole night blank

4. Being broke = Running out of money

I can't go out this weekend because I'm broke.


5. Put someone green = Talk bad about someone when they are not in front

María turns green on her partner. She doesn't like him at all.

6. Being green = Not having experience

The boy who has started working with us is a bit green, he has to learn a lot.


7. Turn purple = Eat a lot

On Saturday I had a wedding and I turned purple


8. Turn red = be embarrassed

The teacher asked me something I didn't know and I turned red


9. Being my prince charming = Being your ideal guy

That boy in my class is my prince charming


10. Seeing all black = Being pessimistic or having a negative attitude

Juan always sees everything black, he is very pessimistic

11. Put on black = Get very angry

I turn black when you don't listen to me.


12. See everything in pink = Being very optimistic or not giving importance to problems

Ana has just fallen in love and sees everything in a rosy color