ES  Lacunza IH San Sebastián

Rediscover San Sebastián this summer

After a long period of Covid-19 restrictions, this month finally comes to San Sebastián one of the most long awaited summers.

In Lacunza IH, we think that it is the right time to re-discover the city. No need to go through lots of travel guides for useful tips or scrolling through trendy influencers’ Instagram accounts to find out the trendiest spots of the city – all you have to do is going for a walk and looking at everything as if it was the first time that you see it.


One of the most important lessons that we have learned during the pandemic is the necessity to take care of ourselves, slow down our rhythm of life and enjoy the little and simple things.

Get a fresh start in your life: simpler and more natural.
Enjoy what surrounds you, especially your loved ones – friends and family.
It may lead to have fewer relationships and experiences but more meaningful ones.

In that sense, Donostia never disappoints: here you can live like this. It is a safe and welcoming city, designed on a human scale. A perfect mix of nature and culture, traditions and modernity, art and sports activities, local and exotic flavours.


In the last couple of weeks, slowly but surely, this city has been recovering its usual rhythm and its wide range of little pleasures. The beauty of San Sebastián is an authentic cure for physical and mental health. Particularly, now that summer is around the corner with sunny days and warm temperatures – perfect weather to enjoy outdoor activities, detox and clean lungs.

Give yourself the chance to capture the essence of the city and its people while enjoying different day-to-day activities.


Enjoy San Sebastián!

Here some suggestions of little things we need to enjoy more:


  • Go shopping at the local market where they offer high-quality and local products and where after two visits they will call you by your name.
  • Discover our own wonder forest in the Cristina Enea park.
  • Get lost in a charming bookstore in city center. There are a few ones with real booksellers.
  • Take a walk around the fishermen’s harbour, talk to them and enjoy the “fish of the day” prepared in an authentic way.
  • Travel to the romantic and Belle Époque city period through its most emblematic buildings: let each one of them tell you its own story.
  • Sit on a café terrace, in one of the many lively squares, and observe people around you – from the local old lady walking around with her granddaughter after school to the fashionable influencer taking the perfect selfie.
  • Rent a bicycle and travel the different neighbourhoods: each one of them has its own flavour and environment.

Practise your Spanish!


We also want to know you.

Which is the best moment to visit the place where you live? Do you have any special routes in your city? What are your favourite plans you’d like to share?
Let us know and practice some simple Spanish expressions:


  1. Visiting a place:
  • llegar a… en coche/tren/avión/autobús
  • estar (muy) cerca/lejos (de)
  • ir andando/ a pie/ en bicicleta/ en autobús a...
  • pasear por… solo/-a/en compañía
  • dar(se) una vuelta por…
  • perderse en/por…
  • está en el norte/sur/este/oeste de...
  • está al norte/sur/este/oeste de...
  1. Talking about the weather:
  • hace buen/ mal tiempo
  • llueve (poco, mucho)
  • hace (mucho) frio/ calor/ sol/ viento



Enjoy an exciting summer in San Sebastián!


Finally, we want to tell you that in July, August and September there are already a couple of exciting confirmed events in the San Sebastián summer agenda: the 56th Festival de Jazz, the 82nd  Quincena Musical, the Semana Grande Donostiarra, the trainera regatta in la Bahía de la Concha, the Festival Internacional de Cine… In the next blog posts we will talk more about these events. We encourage you to keep reading our blog to know in detail the social, sport and cultural life of the city.


Wouldn’t you like to visit us this summer? Imagine the unique experience of learning spanish in Lacunza Escuela Internacional while you enjoy the life offered in this beautiful city on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea.