Sami, a Finnish student in San Sebastián

Today we introduce you to Sami, a Finnish student, here with his classmate Mateus from Brazil. we miss you guys 😍

» I am a Finnish man. Even does not seem 😊I am already 49 years old. Since there are few Spanish speakers where I live, I made the decision to come to San Sebastián to study and to practice Spanish on the streets. I had been to Spain about 15 times, but never to the north, and that is why I chose to study at Lacunza IH.

San Sebastian is wonderful. Although it is not very big, it is a city that has it all: great beaches and views, possibilities for shopping, other beautiful cities and small towns nearby, nightlife, beautiful nature, etc.

I love studying with students from all continents and different ages. The teachers at the school are very competent and friendly. The teaching methods seemed very adequate to me.

Now I not only have a larger vocabulary but also better grammatical knowledge. In addition, I have learned many things about the colloquial language while studying in San Sebastián»