ES  Lacunza IH San Sebastián

Student of the month at Lacunza

Note: the interview with Johanne is in Spanish. We translate it for you!

Why did you decide to study Spanish?
Well, all my life I have been interested in learning languages and I have been motivated to learn languages and get to know cultures. I have already learnt French and now I am learning Spanish so that I can be accepted at the university in Madrid and do a degree in modern languages, culture and communication. 

Introduce yourself and tell us why you have chosen to study Spanish in San Sebastian and at Lacunza IH:
I am Johanne from Norway and I have just turned 23. About a year ago I decided to leave my studies in Norway to learn Spanish abroad. I decided to come to San Sebastian because I have heard good things about the city, and it seemed like a perfect place: there is sea, mountains, good food and it is not far from the Spanish Pyrenees (where you can go snowboarding in winter or hiking in summer!). 

What you like the most about San Sebastian is: 
The people, definitely. Here I meet people from all over the world, and together we share ideas, interests, traditions of our countries, food, languages and much more. 

You enjoy your Spanish course thanks to: 
Thanks to the competent teachers and the school staff who are always helping us in any way they can and of course to the other students, we have a nice atmosphere in the school which allows us to improve our Spanish level every day. 

You have improved your Spanish because now you can: 
Yes, definitely. When I arrived in San Sebastian 4.5 months ago, I couldn't speak about the past, I had never heard of the imperfect subjunctive and I couldn't hold a conversation with a Spanish speaker. Now I live with Spaniards in a shared flat, where we communicate mainly in Spanish. Also, if I'm in a bar with strangers, I don't find it so hard to chat with them for a while. 

What you like the most about your stay:
What I like most about my stay is not only that I have managed to improve my language skills, but also that I have met people who have taught me a lot about life and how I want to live my life. 
Describe your experience in San Sebastian in just 3 words: personal evolution, new friendships, pintxo pote ;)