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The benefits of a trimester course

By far the most interesting course we offer is the trimester course and we´d like to explain why. You will benefit greatly, and not only by learning Spanish, but by a number of wonderful experiences. The pillars of improvement are: personal growth, cultural enrichment, and of course improving your level of Spanish. Allow us to elaborate a bit more on several aspects of the journey.


If you want to learn Spanish, continuity is of great importance. We´ve all been there, you learn something at school, at home or during a course, and afterwards you don´t do anything with that knowledge. The weeks turn into months and the months into years and pretty soon you have forgotten all that you´ve learned. A key element, both for a great start but also long term results, is continuity and that´s exactly what our trimester course offers. It´s a chance to work intensively on your Spanish skills for 12 consecutive weeks while living in a Spanish environment.

Three months of learning

A course that´s this extensive allows you to be aware of your progress and be proud of the progress you are making from start to finish. Three linguistic months that bring you closer and help you improve on past progress made and also strengthen new skills. Here´s a quick and orientative table of what you could achieve by doing a trimester course:

1st week 2nd week 6th week 8th week 12th week
Beginner A1 level   A2 level B1 level
A1 level   A2 level   B1 level
A2 level   B1 level   B2 level

Become a ´Donostiarra´

Visiting our school and the city for a week, you get to see the main sights, eat some pintxos and get a taste of the good life as well. Visiting for 12 weeks however, is a completely different story. You get to become one of the locals, try out the best bars and restaurants, explore all of the city and its surroundings and immerse yourself in the culture. You will improve immensely on your Spanish but also pick up a few words in Basque. You will include Thursday night Pintxopote in your weekly schedule. Meals and dinner times will be shifted to those of the locals and much more. You will actually become one of the locals.

New friends

It´s the perfect setting to start new and lasting relationships. The course itself has a duration of 12 weeks and during these 12 weeks you will generally share your housing with other students of the trimester course (of course you are free to choose any type of housing). We have a special offer for the course as well as the housing. Check the housing prices under “trimester housing” There is no better foundation to build a relationship than this shared experience where you will share classes, activities and live together. These friendships will last a lifetime.

The price

If you decide to book this course you will benefit from our best offer. At 125€ a week this is much cheaper than visiting one week and even cheaper than the price we have for 20+ weeks.  In fact, it´s one of the best deals you will find in all of Spain for an intensive language course. 

Because of this great offer, the trimester course only has 4 starting dates a year. Check out the details of the course and check when you can start your amazing experience.

Check this video to learn about the experience of one of our students who did a trimester course starting in September and another one starting in July.