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The director of studies goes to Madrid

On May 10th and 11th, our director of studies will travel to Madrid, to attend a meeting organized by FEDELE with other heads of study of IH, to take part in training meetings.

As we have indicated before, the meeting will be in Madrid, all the directors of IH will attend and they will have informative talks, workshops etc. After a short break to disconnect, they will return and proceed with a day of intense training.

The importance of progress

For International House, the progress in the classrooms is an important part of the centers to be able to attract more people and assure that everyone learns Spanish the best way possible. The Spanish IH schools, for that reason, send several professionals each year to meet with the directors of study and to train them. They visit a different city each year which makes them enjoy a new place, soak up new experiences and this helps them to stay inspired and motivated with their teaching endeavors. Obviously, this translates to the classroom and helps our student with their progress while they learn Spanish.

What matters most is that our students live an unforgettable experience in Spain while they enjoy their surroundings in the destination of their choice.

Where is it held?

This year it´s in Madrid and it seems that the heads of study are having a great time. They are learning a lot and are planning to do a training course shortly after to learn new teaching methods and techniques. The implementation will soon finds its way to the classrooms and help our students to learn Spanish even faster. In addition, Lacunza offers the opportunity to study a language such as Spanish in one of the best places on the peninsula, San Sebastian.

Learning Spanish is easy with the right tools

Every day we are looking for new learning methods, new models to implement and new techniques. It is very important to give our students a good experience and if we can teach Spanish in an easier and didactically diverse way, it is very advantageous for our students. We are always trying to improve our methods and show that learning a language such as Spanish is not that difficult as long as you have the right tools and teachers.

We will wait for you

Don´t put too much pressure on yourself by looking at learning Spanish as an unattainable goal. Here at Lacunza, we will guide you with the best service and we can cater to all your needs. We have a great team that makes you feel like you are at home and that makes learning Spanish easy and fun. Pay us a visit and we will assure a great time while you meet people from other countries, make friends and learn Spanish in the process.

We are waiting for you.