The most common false friends in Spanish

A false friend is a word or expression that is spelled or pronounced the same but has different meanings.
It is very easy for a Spanish student to make mistakes because when they see the word, they automatically think of the wrong meaning.

We have compiled here a series of false friends between Spanish and English. If you learn them, you can surely avoid some awkward situations.


To start with a rather funny false friend, "embarrassed" is said ashamed, and embarrassed means "pregnant".
You easily understand the kind of embarrassing situations you can get yourself into if you don't know how to use this word well.

" I was very ashamed because I didn't know if Ruth was pregnant or if he had gained weight”


It is a classic but it always comes to keep it in mind, "exit" is said exit and success means "success"

Logout of a maze is all a <strong>success</strong>"


Surely all lovers of the movie "Love Actually" already know that Actually does not mean Currently but actually. Actualmente means “currently” in English.

" In realitycurrently only 3 students are taking the exam”


Another false friend that you can take into uncomfortable situations and that can make you go to the wrong place. “Library” is called library and library means “bookstore”.
Don't try to buy books in a library.

“ We call Miracruz street the “street of books” because you can find on this same street three libraries and library municipal."


Finally, the funniest of all. Both speak of congestion but of very different types.
If “constipated” is constipated, constipated is just “having a cold”. Don't be scared if someone in Spain tells you one day that he is constipated.

“ With this cold, I am not surprised that you are constipated"