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 You are thinking of stuyding Spanish in Spain and  don't know yet which spanish school you should choose? You woud like to ask former students about their experience? You are in the right place.


We will share some of our former students' testimonies about their time in San Sebastián.


Review Platforms


First of all you can check all the testimonies on our reviews platforms.
If you are a former student, feel free to let a note, we'd be really grateful!




Students' testimony videos


Mike  is a US student who enrolled in a Trimester Course, a perfect opportunity to boost your Spanish while enjoying a cultural immersion. Seems like Mikee has fallen in love with Basque Country as he lives in Bilbao now.

Here's his video in English.




Hugo  is a French student who also enrolled in our Trimester Course. He needed to reach a B2 level to be able to study in Spain. He has been working very hard on his Spanish and he has now reached his goal: he is a university student in Madrid, Spain.

Here is his video in French




Amazing partners


We are also very lucky to be working with awesome partners in this industry. They help us to inform and advise future students in their home countries. Olmo and Hans are some of them.
They have founded a surf & language travel platform focused on the Dutch speaking market. They are professional, reliable and super friendly and we feel very lucky to be working with them!

Here is their story, in Olmo's own words

"My name is Olmo and I’m selling surf holidays. More than 6 years ago, we started our company with offering surf trips in combination with languages, a combination that still proves to be very successful and popular nowadays. San Sebastian was one of our first destinations we started offering (back in 2015) and before meeting our partner in person, we already had students for the school in San Sebastian. However, upon our first visit to that school, things changed – for good.

In the summer of 2016, during our yearly summer trip through France and Spain (where we visited our partners that are mainly situated along the Atlantic Coast) we also paid a visit to our (then) partner in San Sebastian. To our big surprise and disappointment, the arrival and experience at that particular school was anything but pleasant. Without going into any detail, it was clear to us (my business partner Hans and myself) that we had to come up with a plan B. After a quick search we came across Lacunza International House and it felt worth it to swing by. Without even notifying the school of our visit, we set direction to the school and off we went.

At the reception, we introduced ourselves (an surf and travel agency from the Netherlands) and from then on, we got ourselves a partner in San Sebastian that provides us with anything that our other partner hadn’t done. We were warmly welcomed and right away we were greeted by the marketing team, as well as the director of the school. We were invited to present our story and our plans: a new partnership was born.

At least once a year we visit the school in San Sebastian, including the surf school and it’s always a brilliant experience. The owner of the school, Carlos, we also see regularly at some of the international industry events and the way he always makes time for us in his busy schedule is amazing. We do feel very fortunate that we do have such a good and close partner in San Sebastian, one of our very favourite destinations.

One of the reasons we visit San Sebastian on a yearly basis, besides maintaining a good relation with Lacunza including to see our friends, is the amazing surf in and around San Sebastian. Moreover, the food and drinks the city is offering truly are great and the way San Sebastian is accessible to basically anything (the shops, the old town, the walk up to the statue, the beach etc.) is just anything we could ask for really.

We are very happy and pleased to have such a relationship with Lacunza and we are looking forward to many more years of sending them students. We do so through our surf travel platforms SurfaWhile  and Errant Surf , where the first brand focusses on the Dutch-speaking market and the second has a more international orientation"