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Two unmissable of September: rowing boats and movies

September in San Sebastián


We kick off September, and it’s already time to go back to school or work. Holidays are over for most of us and we have to get back to business. The great news is that San Sebastián keeps offering you a wide range of cultural and sport activities.
Even if holidays are over now, we must not forget to take care of ourselves and have some time to relax- and San Sebastián is the perfect place for that.

This city is unique: its life conditions promote a healthy balance between study and leisure activities. For this reason, we encourage you to get to know Lacunza IH and enjoy  a cultural and linguistic immersion experience. September is the perfect time for that as the city is a nit more quiet and the weather is very pleasant. Moreover you can’t miss the classics of the season such as the traineras competitions ( rowing boats)  and The San Sebastián International Film Festival.


Rowing boats and la Bandera de La Concha


The first two September Sundays a traineras competition, known as Bandera de la Concha, is celebrated in La Bahía de la Concha. Do you know what a trainera is? It’s a vessel typical of the Spanish Cantabrian coast, that it was formerly used for fishing and that has been adapted for the rowing regattas sport.


In the villages and towns bathed by the Cantabrian Sea, this sport is huge. Throughout the year, especially during the summer months, provincial and autonomic championships and the Campeonato de España de Traineras are carried out. La Bandera de la Concha is one of the oldest competitions. It's been celebrated since 1879 in the male category and since 2008 in the female. Donostiarra is the  name of the San Sebastián traineras team. There is a nice story about its origins. At first, there were 12 clubs in the town composed of various fishermen crews. Eventually, they started to have economic difficulties and the number of rowells went down. Finally, they realised that if, instead of competing against each other, they combined all the efforts they could create a single winning club to bring awards and honor to the city. That is how Donostiarra was born, which has accumulated in its prize list 14 Banderas de la Concha, 1 Campeonato de Euskadi and 2 Campeonatos de España.




San Sebastian's Film Festival: Zinemaldia


Another event which, undoubtedly, San Sebastián can be proud of, is Festival de Cine/Donostia Zinemaldia, that this year celebrates its 69th  Edition, from the 17th to the 25th September. Our Festival is one of the most prestigious in Europe. International movies stars like Gregory Peck or Elisabeth Taylor and, more recently, Robert de Niro, Maryl Streep, Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt have walked its red carpet. Also European and international premieres that are part of the cinema’s history have taken place here. For example, Vértigo (Alfred Hitchcock’s work of art)  or the first film of the Star Wars series.


In recent years, the Festival has managed to reinvent itself several times to find a balance between independent quality films and the interests and tastes of the public. That is not an easy thing because San Sebastián people are very demanding and picky cinefiles. To get everyone satisfied, the Zinemaldia features, in addition to its official Section, a very diverse sections offer: “New directors”, “Zabaltegi”, “Horizontes Latinos”, “Made in Spain”, etc. Now the difficult part is to choose among all of them…


Did you know that  Woody Allen’s latest movie had been shot in San Sebastián? Its director wanted to pay a personal tribute to San Sebastián and its Cinema Festival. In the following link you will find all the information about this year's edition:


Furthermore, you can go to the Tabakalera building, which is next to our school Lacunza Spanish Courses. In Tabakalera you will find the Festival offices, the Filmoteca Vasca and the Escuela de Cine Elías Querejeta (EQZE), that offer jointly a “cinema” schedule the 365 days of the year. What do you think? Do you want to try and live with us for a while?