Autumn print of San Sebastian

The wind blows stronger and stronger and shakes the branches of the trees. The landscape adopts ocher, reddish and brownish tones that give a warm and welcoming feeling. The passers-by rustle the blanket of dry leaves that covers the city. They seek refuge in cafes. The Cantabrian Sea is greenish gray and smells different. Hundreds of birds fly through the San Sebastian sky on their flight to the south… But we stay here, in the north. And it is that San Sebastián becomes very romantic in autumn. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Enjoy autumn in San Sebastian

And you? Where would you like to be?
conduct a Intensive Spanish course at Lacunza IH San Sebastián it can be an unrepeatable experience. In November you can continue to enjoy a varied cultural offer and the nature: everything is at your fingertips when you leave class. First of all, the fact that summer is over does not mean that the beach is over: there are still, for example, surf courses, if you like to practice that sport. And to continue, now is the perfect time to look back at the mountains and marvel at the fall colors.

We suggest you take small excursions -better in a group, so you meet new people- through some of the mountains and natural parks that surround the city. Among them are the famous mount Igueldo, mount Urgull and Mount Ulía. Or you can venture a little further and discover Arctic, for an forest full of secrets, which is located in Navarra, although it belongs to the San Sebastián City Council due to a curious story that happened at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. Visit it and you will find out.

Sports in San Sebastian

Those who have followed us on the Lacunza IH blog will have noticed that the people of San Sebastian understand the sportThey value it and know how to enjoy it like few others. In September we talked about the drifter regattas in La Concha Bay. Well, this month there is also a very popular sporting event: the Behobia-San Sebastián race. It is a half marathon with 100 years of history. In November 2020 it could not take place due to the restrictions due to Covid-19, so this year there is a lot of desire and excitement among the athletes. There are usually more than 30.000 brave people who dare to travel the 20 km. road route.

It is not an easy route: the ups and downs are constant; In order to overcome them successfully, it is necessary to dose physical and mental forces very well. In addition to training regularly throughout the year, of course. The most demanding points of the route are the heights of Gaintxurizketa (Km. 7) and Miracruz (Km. 16). 

The Behobia-San Sebastián is a career inclusive and supportive. The organization collaborates with different social projects. There are different categories and everyone is welcome to participate.

If you dare to collaborate with them or run, you can consult the official website:

We also recommend this video in which veteran runners tell their experiences: Finally, remember that you can enjoy the race without having to run in it. You can follow it live through its website or on the EITB (Basque Public Radio Television).