60 years helping our
students to conquer the world.

Three generations and 60 years. That is our background teaching languages ​​and helping thousands of people to open up to the world, to travel thanks to them, to know other places, other cultures and other experiences.

A time that has allowed us to be the reference academy in the city, receive the endorsement of the most recognized international associations and create a learning method that guarantees that your journey through the world of Spanish will be a successful journey and an unique life experience.

7 Reasons why.. choose Lacunza:

1.Our long experience

We are the school that has been teaching languages ​​in San Sebastián for the longest years, the one with the most students, the one with the most international endorsements, the one with the most experienced teachers and the one that offers you the most possibilities.

2. A learning method
very active, interactive and social.

We learn more and better when we have fun. That is why at Lacunza learning is active and based on people, with activities inside and outside the classroom, with materials that go far beyond books, with a lot of conversation and a lot of social focus. In this way you learn Spanish while you are enjoying life and the city, because learning a language is an experience in itself.

We also organize exchanges with people from the city, so that you can meet local people, so that you can practice with them and also learn the language of the street. So they can teach you their language, you can teach them yours, and make it the beginning of a long friendship.

3. We offer you more possibilities than anyone.

We are the largest, most complete and multicultural school in San Sebastián (we have 18 classrooms and students from 29 countries (see nationalities in the graph). This allows us to offer you a greater variety of learning possibilities depending on your level, your age or your needs In addition, you will find a student atmosphere and activities throughout the year, both in our social space and in the experiences that we help you live.


4. Learn in small groups.

By having more students, we have more levels and that allows us to create more groups of fewer people (from 4 to 12, with 7 being the average number of students in a class). This helps you to open up, to enjoy more confidence and to let go of speaking Spanish from the first day, which greatly benefits learning.

In addition, as soon as you arrive we do a level test to confirm that you enter the group that best suits your level and your needs and every 2 weeks we do a progress test in case it is necessary to go up to a higher level.


5. Expert teachers and continuous monitoring.

All our teachers are qualified and highly experienced. Something fundamental in any learning process. They are always by your side, they help you and accompany you, they give you free tutorials outside the classroom and they are the essential point of support so that you learn faster and better. In addition, you have direct contact with our Director of Studies who helps you create your own learning path throughout your stay.

6. We are your family in Spain.

From the moment you contact us until you return home, we are your second family. Because we are always by your side, we manage your transfers, your accommodation, we arrange activities for you outside the school, we solve any incident you may have, we accompany you and we are here to listen to you and lend you a hand whenever you need it. Because remember, although we are the largest academy in the city, we are a family academy and students are a fundamental part of our family.

7. Your learning starts today, but it never ends.

It doesn't matter what level of Spanish you have today. It doesn't matter what level you leave with. At Lacunza our students are students for life, even if they live 8.000 km away. That is why we have developed online courses so that we can keep in touch, so that you can continue learning and so that your journey through the world of Spanish is a journey of a lifetime. And if one day you decide to return, you have a €50 discount on registration.

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Tradition, quality, history and facilities with everything you need to learn and live a unique experience. 

We have been teaching languages ​​for 60 years. In that time, three family generations dedicated body and soul to education have passed. We have grown, we have evolved, we have received the endorsements of the most important institutions and we have become not only the reference school in the city, but also a one of the most important in Spain. 

And in this social, personal and educational evolution, the school has also been physically transformed. We have been renovating and expanding the facilities to turn them into a modern space.

Located in the strategic part of the city, in the city center, near the train and bus stations, one minute from the urban metro station and surrounded by shops and bars, the location is unbeatable.

A 10-minute walk from La Concha beach and 1 minute from Reyes Católicos street with its bars, shops and restaurants and the Buen Pastor Cathedral, our location offers you a wide range of activities after your classes.

With technological classrooms, a terrace where you can eat and drink, an indoor social area, a complete library where in addition to books you will find magazines and newspapers, guides for traveling around Spain, WIFI throughout the school and computers available for whoever needs them, the school will become your second home.

This is our school, and it is your home. It is our home, and we want it to be yours too. We want you to come to class feeling at home, surrounded by friends and teachers who are there to help you in everything you need. you need. Come to Lacunza to be part of our family.