"Cinema" City


A new season begins and the city's International Film Festival «Zinemaldia 2018» arrives. Donostia-San Sebastián becomes a large set for 9 days where actresses, actors, directors, producers, critics, journalists, moviegoers, autograph hunters, good people and others enjoy "the seventh art". The perfect combination for those who wish to learn Spanish in the city. Walking through the streets, visiting different places, tasting typical dishes or attending Festival sessions become fantastic experiences through which we alert all our senses and our learning skills: listening, reading, oral expression and interaction.


It will be 66 years since this international event was held in our city. Since then, year after year and without interruptions, the Film Festival has maintained its enthusiasm and capacity for surprise, which places the festival itself in the orbit of the main ones in the world: Berlin, Cannes, Venice...

The film exhibition is so rich and varied that for all those who wish to put their knowledge of a language into practice or continue learning it, they can choose between different sections, films, short films from different countries and cultures: 3, 2,1 and… Action! !


The Festival has 14 very diverse sections: the official section, new directors, zabaltegi-Tabakalera, Culinary cinema, Nest film student, Velodrome etc (more detailed information in https://www.sansebastianfestival.com/2018/secciones_y_peliculas/seccion_oficial/8/es

Among all, we highlight:

Latin horizons: a section where you can get closer to the Spanish of America through unpublished feature films in Spain and produced totally or partially in Latin America

Made in Spain: a section where you can discover the Spanish cinema of the year while we see, listen to and understand the different realities of Spanish society.

Donostia Award

Since 1986, the Film Festival has awarded this award to those personalities who have contributed to making history in the world of cinema. Among the 58 winners, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to see the delivery to the following actors:

Anthony Banderas (2008)

A small sample of their emotions and feelings during this event and how they explain it in Spanish.

gold shell and silver shell

All festivals have their prizes and in this San Sebastián film competition, due to its great variety of sections and presentations, there are several. Now, after the Donostia Award, the Shells stand out, because they are the official section awards:

  • Golden Shell for Best Film (for the producer)
  • Silver Shell for Best Director
  • Silver Shell for Best Actress
  • Silver Shell for Best Actor

But... why a Shell? What is a Shell? "A picture is worth a thousand words":

This is what the Bahía de la Concha looks like, one of the main and most visited enclaves in the city, reminiscent of… a shell!

Now all that remains is that this year or in the future, you can live the experience yourself and come and immerse yourself in learning Spanish thanks to the magic of the city, its festival and its people..., you will have a great time!