How to write a postcard in Spanish?

Who doesn't like receiving a postcard?

It is very nice to receive a letter or postcard from a friend or relative, but in these circumstances of the digital age, it is especially exciting. Sending postcards is an original way of sending greetings to loved ones while traveling, they are like photographs of the most emblematic places of a destination but through your own message you have the possibility of personalizing said visual image.

It is a very beautiful and exciting way to receive news from someone special, in fact most of us keep the postcards received. Surely you know someone who collects postcards.

Do you want us to teach you how to write a postcard in Spanish? It is a perfect exercise to test your level of Spanish, especially for students preparing for the DELE exams.

It is very typical to send postcards when you are traveling: choose a postcard that represents the place where you are now. Tourists who come to Donostia like postcards with the best-known views of the city: from Monte Igueldo, Bahía de la Concha, the port, the Buen Pastor Cathedral... Postcards are an article in souvenir one of the most typical and used by tourists.

A postcard usually has 5 parts:

  • Place and date

Name of the city where you are and the date the postcard was written

  • Wave

If you want to be formal, write: “Dear / dear, (name): ».

If you want to be less formal, you could start by saying "Hello, (name)!"

  • The Body

Receiving a postcard is pure emotion! The message has to be short and sweet. Tell the best of your life: you can write to your friend/relative about your trip/experience/where you are/your plans/the weather.

  • Hen&Stag

Phrase to end the statement and say goodbye to the recipient of the letter. you can say goodbye with a kiss/a hug/a greeting/see you soon.

  • Company

Write your name so the recipient knows who sent the postcard

Make sure that the sender's address is correct and that no information is missing. It is very important that the name of the person to whom you are sending it, address and postal code appear.

The process of sending a postcard is very exciting. From the moment you put the message in the mailbox until it is received by the recipient, it is an exciting journey.

It's your turn…

Do you like receiving postcards? We love! From Lacunza IH we encourage you to send us a postcard from your city and we will respond by sending a postcard with the most emblematic views of San Sebastián!

We will choose a postcard among those that we will receive and we will include a small surprise with our letter 🙂

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