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The best way to learn Spanish

There are many reasons for someone to decide to study Spanish. One of them is that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. More than 400 million people in about 20 countries use Spanish as their mother tongue. It´s not an easy language to learn but it´s far from impossible. We´ll give you some advice so that you can find the best way to learn Spanish.

Study Spanish Abroad

They key to learning any language is to spend some time in the country where they speak it, on vacation or even working there. Therefore, the best way to learn Spanish is to go to one of the Spanish speaking countries like Spain for example. Here in San Sebastián we offer several spanish courses for foreigners and activity courses that will help you with your Spanish or help you to improve your level of Spanish. Keep in mind to stay far away from people that speak your native language. It doesn´t mean that you can´t make new friends but try to make local friends within your new environment and don´t limit yourself to the small group of people that will speak in your mother tongue and will limit your learning of the Spanish language. 

Read in Spanish

Reading is the best way to learn Spanish. It will help you to internalize grammatical structures and learn new vocabulary. Start with simple books that don´t have too many pages so that you can easily finish. Here you can find a few books that we recommend you use to learn Spanish

Spanish cinema

The latter piece of advice is also applicable to the cinema and television: movies, series, programs, game shows etc. Everything counts! It´s best to choose Spanish movies and series and to watch them in the original version with Spanish subtitles. At first, it might be difficult but you´ll see that slowly but surely, you´ll understand everything much better until one day, without realizing it, you won´t need subtitles anymore.


It may seem silly but it´s not weird to use post-its while learning Spanish. ¿How? Simply by manually tagging everything that surrounds you. Name the objects that are closest to you, in your bedroom for example, and watch how fast you memorize the words. It´s a good way to broaden your vocabulary.

Trust in your teachers

When we study a language, there are moments in which we can feel discouraged. It´s common to feel that you are stuck and learning very slowly. Even though your intention is to find the fastest way to learn Spanish, you have to be aware of the fact that learning a new language takes time and we need to trust in those who can offer us the best help, our teachers. When in doubt, it´s best to consult with your teacher to keep learning instead of unlearning. Just like that, your teacher is the one who will always correct you when you are wrong and that´s the best way to learn Spanish or any other language.

What are you waiting for to start learning Spanish?