Advantages of online teaching and learning

With the COVID-19 crisis, many of us have started online training. The Internet offers a wide variety of training resources and there seems to be no limit: language courses, business talks, creative workshops or cooking courses. The format of the courses is varied: podcasts, recorded videos, Zoom-type platforms, also access: from your mobile, tablet or laptop..., you just have to choose.

The drive for change

If we can get something positive out of this stage, it is undoubtedly the drive for change.
Change in our customs and habits. Some have wondered if they really had to go to the gym two or three times a week or if they could combine classes at the center and others from home. Others with confinement have decided to take advantage of this unexpected free time to explore new horizons and acquire new skills. Thus, many have decided to re-learn a language from scratch or recover the one they had studied a long time ago. There were no more excuses like: “I don't have money to travel” or “I don't have time”.

Various ways to learn a language

In the case of language courses, it is clear that there is no better way to learn a language than to travel abroad and enjoy total immersion.
Studying in a school allows you to follow Spanish classes in the morning with other students, discover the culture of the country in the afternoon with cultural and social activities and, if you stay with a family, discover the way of life of the local people and continue practicing and learning with them.

Did you want to travel and it has not been possible? Do you want to do it without leaving home? Virtual classes are an option. You travel with the best guide: a native teacher. Trip duration: the time of your session. Experience: as if you were among us.
It can also be the other way around, after having been here, virtual classes are an excellent opportunity to continue improving your level of Spanish and maintain a link with your language school. We know how quickly the level of a language drops if it is not practiced. Regularity is the keyword and virtual classes, the way to achieve it with success and flexibility.


It is the main advantage of virtual classes. Being able to study from your home, your office or from your vacation spot. A good internet connection is enough to get started.
Another very important detail: schedule compatibility. We are all quite busy with work or school, sports, shopping, meeting friends and family. Even so, we can dedicate at least an hour a week to improve a competition and make it our moment.

Priority Support

Virtual individual classes allow highly personalized attention. You and the teacher identify your needs and guide you in your sessions and help you improve your skills.
Therefore, before starting your classes, we ask you to complete a questionnaire to get to know yourself better, find out your previous knowledge of Spanish and aspects and points that you want to improve, in this way we design a program exclusively for you.  


Cheaper than face-to-face classes, you save transportation and it's also ecological.  

Session format

We learn more and better when we have fun. Our teachers know this very well and energize all their classes, face-to-face or virtual, with playful activities, projects, real situations, conversations on current affairs, etc.

Virtual classes make it easy to discover and learn with playful materials that can be videos, audios, images... These resources can be shared and also worked on.

There are many platforms to teach virtual classes, we have chosen Zoom because it is free for the student, very easy to install and very intuitive to use. Zoom also offers a wide range of tools to make classes more interactive: sharing documents, drawing and writing on a digital screen are some of them.

Finally, virtual classes allow you to acquire new digital skills that are very useful in today's world. All the studies say that digital skills are going to be the most needed in the coming years and that teaching is going to be increasingly digital. So, don't miss it and try a virtual class without any fear.