ES  Lacunza IH San Sebastián

Family Pack

Learn Spanish as a family! Our Family Pack is flexible, fun and customized for each family.

Not only will you have an enjoyable holiday as family you’ll also get to spend quality time together while also giving your kids the tools to get ahead.

  • For young kids choose between the options at the Lacunza Summer Camp
  • Teens can enroll in our Junior Summer Course
  • Parents can do our Intensive 20 course with the option of adding individual lessons
Levels Beginner - C2
Dates 30/05/2022 - 28/08/2022
Beginner Starting Dates According to the courses chosen
Downloads Prices (pdf)
Ages Niños, Jóvenes y Adultos
Duration 1 week minimum
Students per class 4 - 8 students (max: 12 alumnos)

According to the courses chosen

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