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What to do in San Sebastián in autumn and in winter?

It´s no secret that June, July and August are busy months for Lacunza and for the city of San Sebastián. The sea of brown haired people get mixed with more blonde than usual and the city becomes very lively. The vacation period turns the city into a wonderful mix of cultures and a true paradise for tourists. A common misconception seems to be that there is no life after summer. We beg to differ!


Next in line is September and we are here to tell you that it has a lot to offer as well. Slowly but surely the bulk of the tourists leave the city and you see its unique character coming back to life. It´s at this time that many local events in the city and its surroundings are held. We would like to name a few so you can see the diversity and liveliness that September has to offer. Are you wondering what you can do in San Sebastián all year round? Take a look at our calendar

The regattas

This very prestigious boat race is held every year with the seven remaining top teams competing in September. The finals are a true spectacle to behold and this battle is fought in the heart of San Sebastián at the La Concha beach. It´s a rowing competition with very atypical boats. Historically, they were used as fishing boats. Imagine a coastline filled with people, cheering on their favourite team (town) and all of them dressed in the appropriate colours to support them of course. Get your tickets early and find your way to the ´Paseo Nuevo´ to have a front row seat to this unique sporting event. Later, wander off to the old part where the bars don´t close, keep serving pintxos and the wine and cider flows all day.

Cider day

This local produce is very popular and accompanies many meals here in the Basque country. It´s made from apples and there is a wide variety of choice. Cider day brings together the best of the best for a tasting session open to the public. Don´t miss it! Additionally, you wouldn´t want to miss the cider house season from January to April each year. Cider houses serve great food and a variety of ciders that you can try unlimited when eating a menu. There is hardly a better way to spend your afternoon or evening. It has been said that with a few drinks you suddenly become more fluent in any language so it´s a great way to chat with the locals and learn Spanish.

Basque festivities

It may sound a bit strange since the Basque don´t shy away from a party but these festivities are specifically centred on showcasing the Basque culture and traditions. From traditional clothing to dance, this is the best way to really indulge in the culture.

Film Festival

´Zinemaldia´ is the annual film festival that is held each year in September. The stars relax in the Maria Cristina hotel whilst the locals do their best to impress in every way possible. The city turns into Hollywood for a few days with red carpets and a lot of media. Beautiful people from all over the world gather to see and be seen. This year the 66th edition of the festival will be held and we are convinced it will be another success.

´Donostia Festibala´

A music festival that is growing each year. So much that it had to be moved from its very unique location, on top of Monte Igueldo, to a larger location just outside of the city on a horse racing track. The festival manages to put together an interesting and varied line-up every year. Take a look for yourself on

Horse races

In that same aforementioned race track, Lasarte´s hippodrome just outside the city, there are races held until September. The final and most popular races are held at the beginning of September. It´s an interesting day out and a unique experience for many. Bets can be placed from 2€ upwards so it´s a safe way to enjoy a “high roller´s” experience.

These are just a few of our personal favourites but of course there is much more to see and do. Why don´t you come and check it out for yourself?