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Why learn Spanish

Spanish is present on three continents. It´s the official language in more than 20 countries of Europe, America and Africa but is also spoken in a less official way in many other countries. More than 400 million people speak Spanish as their native language. In fact, Spanish is in the top of most spoken languages on the planet together with Chinese and English. On the internet it´s also one of the most used languages, the third to be precise. These are already good reasons why you can choose to study Spanish but if you still have doubts we´ll give you a few more. The following explains why you should learn Spanish.

A language with a future

Spanish is not just one of the most spoken languages in the world but also foreseen to keep growing. Because it´s a growing language rather than a decreasing one, it makes us think that it´s a language of the future which we´ll benefit from learning. Estimations are that in 2030 7,5% of the world´s population will be a native Spanish speaker, which means it will surpass roughly 530 million people.

Roman language

Spanish is one of the languages derived from Latin just like Portugese, French, Italian and Romanian. This means that if you study Spanish it will be much easier to learn any of these other Roman languages because they have many similarities.


Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile…. There are so many countries that, knowing Spanish, open a new world of possibilities for you to travel comfortably. Even though you can travel without any knowledge of the local language you´ll enjoy it much more if you speak the mother tongue. This way we get a more in depth look at the culture. 

Job opportunities

Learning Spanish can also open doors on a professional level because of the aforementioned. Adding all the countries that speak Spanish to the list of countries you would like to work in increases your job opportunities. It´s also a clear added value in countries that don´t speak Spanish.


Gastronomy is another reason for you to decide to study Spanish. The French and Italian kitchen have their fame but the Spanish one as well. Spain is the fourth country in the list of most Michelin stars and it has brought forth many excellent chefs. Spanish gastronomy doesn´t have any limits and it´s worth the effort to learn Spanish just to enjoy it, especially if you want to be a professional chef.

Without looking any further, San Sebastián has recently been awarded with the title world´s best city for food according to the British company Caterwings. With that in mind, going to a Spanish school for foreigners doesn´t seem like a bad idea but if we can combine that decision with going to the world´s best destination for food it sounds much better doesn´t it? At Lacunza, aware of the gastronomic relevance of our city, we offer exclusive activities related to gastronomy.

In conclusion, you´ll see that learning Spanish has its advantages and even though it´s a grammatically complex language, learning it is much easier than it seems. You only have to look for the best way to learn Spanish.