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Why study Spanish in San Sebastián?

If you ask our students the reason why they have decided to come to San Sebastián to study Spanish you would be surprised to hear so many different answers. Some of them need to learn Spanish for work or study, other for leisure.

But they all have in common their love for Spanish language and Hispanic culture in general and its values: sense of celebration, family and friends gathering, epicurean way of life…


Here is our selection of 10 top reasons why you should study Spanish in Lacunza IH San Sebastián  



Lacunza IH: Your Spanish school in Spain


  1. In Lacunza IH we offer a wide range of Spanish courses in mini groups with other international students or on your own with a native teacher in our school in San Sebastián or from home with our online courses. In 2020, for the first time- we also offer hybrid courses (students in a classroom with online students sharing the same class and teacher).
    In addition to the Spanish classes we also offer activity packages such as surfing, gastronomic experience, Latin dances or yoga for example.
  2. We have many partners and most prestigious accreditations in the field of teaching a foreign language – that allow you to receive scholarship for your studies in Spain like Bildungsurlaub if you are from Germany, CSN in Sweden o Erasmus+ for all EU Citizens.
  3. The main reason would be that a team of qualified, native, well rounded and experienced teachers can´t wait to welcome you in their classes  and a multilingual and passionate support team is ready to help and give you a great experience learning Spanish with us.

    We invite you to read our students’ testimonies who gave us in October 2020 a global note of 4.9/5 based on more than 45 reviews on Facebook, Google and Trip Advisor.



San Sebastián: your new home


  1. San Sebastián is the perfect city to learn Spanish with mild temperatures all year round, no scorching heat in summer and no freezing cold during the winter.
  2. The location of San Sebastián is also very convenient – very close to 3 international airports: San Sebastián, Bilbao and Biarritz in France and only 20 kms from French border, perfectly located if you want to come by train or car.
  3. The city offers many interesting activities and events all year round: international jazz and cine festivals, museums, cultural center only 1-minute walking from our school and big traditional celebrations such as Semana Grande, la Behobia or las Regatas.
  4. Once in San Sebastián you will be able to do a lot of different things. In how many cities can you go on a hike by the Pyrenees, surf on Zurriola Beach, go to a live concert in our vibrant neighborhood of Egia and of course enjoy some delicious pintxos in the Old Town… and all of this in a same weekend?



Learn Spanish: your best investment


  1. Speaking Spanish will open you lots of doors and connect you with more 400 million people worldwide. Spanish is the 04th most spoken language in the world and it is in constant expansion like in the USA for example where in 2020, 40 million people speak Spanish.

    Spanish is also official language in more than 20 countries across the globe: from Madrid in Spain, to Buenos Aires in Argentina and Bogota in Colombia.

    Spanish is also the 3rd most studied language in the world after English and French.



  1. Spanish is often requested for diplomatic, business, humanitarian or tourism careers.
    Learn Spanish is indeed a very good investment for your career and could allow you to differentiate yourself among other candidates.

  2. If you speak other romance languages (French, Italian or Romanian) leaning Spanish will be much easier and you should catch it quickly thanks to their common roots.


Your journey to the exciting Hispanic world starts now!